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In "A Prodigal Feast," Lynn Lowry stars as Angela, a former dancer whose descent into madness triggers a wild chain of events for her family. Following a notorious dinner featuring a scandalous "finger" incident, their lives spiral into chaos. This dark comedy delves into a world of sadomasochistic power dynamics, cozy coffins, and a mysterious, possibly prehistoric, presence. As Halloween night approaches, the skeletons in their closets are destined to surface at a memorable feast.

Director: Guile Branco

Producers: Lou D'Amato, Guile Branco, Sabrina Percario, Ryan Kelly, Steven Newton,

Pat Carmichael, Morgan Kays 

Writers: Guile Branco, Arthur MClen

Cast: Lynn Lowry, Julia Coulter, Guile Branco, Lou D'Amato, Pancho Moler, Nika Khitrova,  Asia Lynn Pitts, James Griggs, Jackson Leighton, Raja Deka, Dustin Gene, Della Maylan,

Mary Bremier 

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